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Ravencrest Paranormal Case Files

By Chris Miller


October 17, 2009


Jennie Wade House Museum


Members Present

  • Chris

Non-Members/Guests Present

  • Rick




  • Digital Camera


  • Temperature: 60's degrees

  • Other: no wind

Arrival Time/Date

  • 1:00 pm EST

  • September 7, 2009





The Jennie Wade House Museum in Gettysburg, PA is a Civil War Building located in downtown Gettysburg. A brick structure, the house is split into what we would call a 'duplex', built for two families to live in. The house still has bullet holes in the brick facade, along with the bullet hole in the door where the bullet that struck and killed traveled through.

The Local Lore

There are many stories of hauntings connected with the Jennie Wade House. There is also a DVD titled The Jennie Wade House Is Haunted available for purchase. There have been reports of sounds of footsteps moving through the rooms, balls of light, images caught in pictures and many more things that are inexplicable. The Jennie Wade House Museum displays some of the strange photos in the museum. The house has been restored to its original Nineteenth Century appearance.

Historical Research

During the Battle of Gettysburg in 1863, two families resided in the Jennie Wade House. The north section was occupied by the McClellan family, Mrs. J. Lewis McClellan being Jennie Wade's sister. The south side of the house was occupied by a Mrs. McClain.

Twenty-year-old Jennie Wade, also known as Mary Virginia Wade, was killed on July 3, 1863, the second day of the fighting when a bullet travelled through the kitchen door, through the parlor door which was also open behind her, and struck her in the back, exiting through her heart, while she was making bread dough in front of the kitchen stove. She was killed instantly. Jennie was at the home, helping with her sister, Mrs. McClellan, who had given birth to a son days before. Just an hour before Jennie was killed, a bullet entered the living room window, struck the bedpost of the bed that had been brought down from upstairs for Mrs. McClellan to rest in, and fell to the pillow beside Mrs. McClellan's head. By the end of the battle, every window in the north side of the house had been shot out. Jennie's mother was also in attendance at the house, as well as her younger brother.

After Jennie was shot and killed, soldiers near the house heard the commotion coming from inside, and entered the house. Thinking to get the family to a safer place, the soldiers carried Jennie's body up the stairs to the sleeping rooms. They knew they couldn't exit on the north side of the house due to the gun battle. Upstairs, there was a hole in the wall to the other side of the house, made when a shell had entered the roof and crashed through the wall into the McClain side. The soldiers, carrying Jennie's body, led the family through the hole, down the stairs on the south side of the house, out through the kitchen door then down into the cellar. Jennie's body lay in the cellar until after the battle, then she was buried in the backyard. Her body was moved again, then again to the cemetery where her body lies now.

Investigation Notes

Chris and her husband, Rick, took a trip to Gettysburg, PA on vacation. While there, they toured The Jennie Wade House Museum. On the tour, there were two other couples. One, a couple in their mid-fifties and another, a young couple. The only other person present was the tour guide, who stayed in the downstairs side of the McClellan side while we continued through the house on a self-guided tour.

Chris, nor Rick, mentioned Ravencrest Paranormal Investigations while touring the home. Chris took many random photos inside the house while touring it. Not feeling anything paranormal, nor seeing any strange things, Chris and Rick enjoyed the tour and continued on their day sight-seeing in Gettysburg.

Evidence and Review

When Chris and Rick returned home, Chris began going through the photographs taken while in Gettysburg. Gettysburg is said to be the most haunted area in the United States due to how many people were killed during the three-day battle of Gettysburg.

One particular photo seemed to have something odd reflecting in a mirror in one of the upstairs bedrooms. Enlarging the photo, Chris was struck by the image of a face in a small, dresser-top mirror. After cropping and enlarging the photo, Chris sent it to Ghostly Images Tours of Gettysburg, renown for their expertise in determining paranormal images taken in photographs in the Jennie Wade House Museum. Below is their reply via email regarding the image in the mirror:

September 28, 2009

"The item is a modern reproduction of an antique mirror. After reviewing the photo crop 1 & 2, I see 2 images, a larger face in the upper right quarter and a smaller face in the lower left quarter. I've seen other strange images in this mirror but your photo is the most interesting..."

You can view this photo and the cropped images below.

Upon further review of the photos Chris took, she was surprised to find what seems to be a face in another photo, taken in the parlor area of the McClellan side of the home. Seen at first as a faint light area in the background of a picture hanging on the wall, Chris cropped and enlarged the area to get a better look. She was surprised to find what looked to be the face of a man, with a heavy mustache, in the background of the picture, possibly in the glass covering the picture. Chris again sent this photo along with the cropped images to Ghostly Images Tours of Gettysburg. Below is their reply to the second set of photos:

October 12, 2009

"I can see what you believe to be a face. However, the background texture of that photo can lead to some unusual patterns and images when photos are taken from different angles. I cannot say with any certainty whether or not you captured a true image of a supernatural entity."

Chris wrote again, including a crop of another photo taken on the McClain side of the house in the kitchen. The photo was of a wall covered with pictures pertaining to Jennie Wade. Viewing the photos, Chris noticed one in particular that resembled the ghostly image of the man in the reflection. It was one of what Chris believes to be Lewis Kenneth McClellan. The photo is below for you to compare.

Leaving the second set of photos as 'uncertain', Chris will do more research into the images she captured on September 7th, 2009.

It seems The Jennie Wade House Museum does have some sort of activity going on there. Chris would love to go back and investigate further in the future.

If anyone is interested, you can check out the Ghostly Images of Gettysburg website to learn about their tour.




    Ghostly Images Tours of Gettysburg



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  Photo (c) 2009 Ravencrest Paranormal Investigations

This shows the photos taken 9-7-09 by Chris at the Jennie Wade House Museum.

The top photo is the original shot.

Bottom Center: the cropped version of the mirror with odd images circled.

Bottom left: what appears to be a face, seeming to press against the mirror surface.

Bottom right: the smaller face, located lower on the mirror. It almost seems to be the face of a young girl.


 Photo (c) 2009 Ravencrest Paranormal Investigations

Here we have the photo in question. You will have to decide for yourself what this depicts.

Top Photo: the original shot. The long reflection in the center of the picture on the wall is sunlight reflecting from the nearby window.

Bottom right: Inside the circled area is where Chris saw something strange.

Bottom center: a crop of the area with what appears to be a man's face.

Bottom left: an enhanced version of the cropped area, darkening the surrounding area to be able to see the face more clearly.

Below: a crop of a photo taken in another part of the house. The photo in the picture frame bears a striking resemblance to the image found in the picture above. These pictures are in completely separate rooms. You decide.

Photo (c) 2009 Ravencrest Paranormal Investigations