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Ravencrest Paranormal Case Files

By Chris Miller


April 5, 2011


Buck Cemetery


A Compilation of Multiple Investigations of This Site

Members Present

  • Chris

  • Roxy

  • Jill

  • Brian

  • Jenn

  • Richie

Non-Members/Guests Present

  • Multiple




  • Digital Cameras

  • Digital Voice Recorders

  • Video Cameras

  • K II Meter

  • Digital Thermometer


Varied. Day and Night

Arrival Time/Date

Multiple Days/Night




Buck Cemetery is notorious in the NW Ohio area for being haunted. For decades people have believed the cemetery to be haunted by John Buck. It's located down a gated gravel road with limited access. The road is gated due to years of vandalism. There has also been at least one suicide in the cemetery.

The Local Lore

Local lore states that John Buck was a caretaker at the cemetery. His spirit supposedly hovers in the trees above the entrance to the cemetery at the end of the one lane gravel road. He doesn't like people visiting the cemetery. John Buck is also buried in the cemetery. There have been reports of apparitions, voices and other various things.

Historical Research


Investigation Notes

The group has been to Buck Cemetery a total of eight times as of this date. Our notes are numerous and varied. We have seen a shadow man walking on the small bridge just before the cemetery. We have heard mumbling voices at the north-western edge of the cemetery. We have captured many voices on the digital recorders. We captured an orb flying through the trees. Down below the cemetery along the little creek that runs under the bridge we have had hits on our K II meter, heard voices and captured EVPs.

Evidence and Review

There is quite a bit of evidence we've gathered from this site. Evidently some of the reports are true. We didn't expect to capture anything. We've been very surprised and continue to investigate this site. See some of our evidence below.

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 The Road to Buck










Buck's Tree











Buck Cemetery







    Photos (c) 2010 Ravencrest Paranormal Investigations


Photographic Evidence




This photo was taken the next visit after Chris saw the shadow man on the bridge above the creek. There are three people in the photo, who are very hard to see. The person in the yellow shirt is a non-member. Directly in front of him is the shadow man









This is the same photo, brightened. You see two young guests and Chris are in the lane, along with the shadow man just ahead of them.









This is a crop of the original photo with the shadow man outlined. You can see through him. It is not one of our group.














The photo at the left was taken on our night investigation.

It is taken from the cemetery, looking toward

the entrance road. While zooming in on the photo

we noticed something in the tree above the road. We've

circled it.








This is the circled area cropped and high lighted.

It looks like a face in the tree branches.






The photo below is the same area with high contrast. Could this be John Buck?


             Taken during one of our daylight investigations, Jill hears mumbling voices at the edge of the cemetery.

Notice the strange mist on the right.

Could this be linked to the voices?









This is a shot of the bridge that's just before the entrance to the cemetery. It was taken from below, at the creek.








Roxy below the bridge, taking a shot after Chris spotted the shadow man walking above.








This shot was taken by Chris just before Roxy took the shot of the shadow man. The person you see in this picture is the same person in the yellow shirt in the shadow man shot. You'll notice in this picture on the right half of the photo is a white orb floating in the trees. It's in approximately the same place the shadow man appears in the photo taken by Roxy.












This is a crop of the orb floating in the tree line. There has been no enhancement of the photo except the crop. This is the approximate position of the shadow man just before the person in the picture turns and starts to walk toward it. That's when Roxy took her shot.


















This was taken in the cemetery. This is an example of a camera flare. This is NOT an orb.









Richie with the K II meter, below the cemetery along the creekbed. We were getting hits on the K II that day. We tried to get it on video but our video camera battery mysteriously went dead.






Photos (c) 2010 Ravencrest Paranormal Investigations


Video Evidence




Audio Evidence ~ EVP

The audio evidence...EVP...is best listened to with headphones. Though some of the EVPs are very clear, others are faint and are more easily heard with headphones.

From July 5, 2010

This is our best EVP captured at the site. On this visit, we had no children with us. You will hear a child's voice, then Chris's.


EVP1 Cleaned

From August 12, 2010


EVP2 Amped


EVP3 Amped


EVP4 Amped


EVP5 Amped


EVP6 Amped

From August 18, 2010



From September 13, 201


To View an explanation of what we believe the EVPs are saying

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